Choosing the Right Excavator for Your Worksite

Excavators are all too common in the construction industry but with so many to choose from it can make the choice difficult as to which one you should choose. Of course, there are several factors that will influence the success of your project, however, some will weigh in on the decision more than others.

The following points highlight areas for you to consider when choosing the right excavator for your work site.
When it comes to excavators, size matters. Choosing too large an excavator may result in underutilization and wasted money while too small an excavator can take longer to complete a job. From small 1.7 tonne excavators, to large 68 tonne excavators, which size would be right for your project?

  • Mini Excavators – Mini excavators are typically the most mobile, generally weighing under 7 tonnes. These excavators are perfect for small jobs with very tight space requirements, with the ability to manoeuvre around a building or work in areas with many lines running through the ground, doing the least amount of damage to the surrounding yard, road or sidewalk.
  • Standard Excavators – Standard excavators are the most standard, typically weighing between 7 tonnes and 45 tonnes. They are easy to transport and very strong, giving you the power you need to complete a job. They’re also extremely common in the construction space. Standard excavators are very versatile and are an appropriate size to comfortably enter most job sites.
  • Large Excavators – Large excavators weigh above 45 tonnes, reaching up to 90 tonnes. These guys are used in major construction projects, due to the large power they provide, being used for tasks such as bulk excavation, bulk earthworks, demolition jobs or lifting and placing pipes. They are not suitable for urban environments, or work that is based around slopes. Large excavators require significant investment as they can become quite costly, while also requiring a trailer to move them to each job. If you need this sort of size and power, you’ll definitely know it.

2. Versatility

Excavators are not just used for digging, but a whole variety of jobs. If you’re planning on switching out attachments, a versatile machine is needed with a quality couler that allows the quick exchange of an end.

Some of the most common attachments used with excavators are:

  • Buckets
  • Rippers
  • Hammers
Industry experts estimate that a quality machine that is versatile can save owners up to 25% of their machine operating time. Couplers make it handy to change attachments with ease, such as swapping a regular digging bucket, for a grading bucket. If daily projects require the consistent use of different attachments, it should be in your best interest to go for a machine that will allow this.

3. Operator Comfort

Many excavator models are focused on comfort of the operator through the use of ergonomic chairs and controls. This allows the operator to stay comfortable working through long jobs. Look for a cab that has plenty of room, with easy access to all controls and features. Part of comfort can also require a heating and air conditioning system, depending on your region. The longer the operator uses the excavator in a single sitting, the more comfort should factor into your decision.

4. Hydraulic Systems

Choosing a model that has a more powerful hydraulic system to match your job specifications allows for improvements in your efficiency and productivity. The power of the excavator will be listed and noted what work can be performed during a full day’s work. The more powerful the hydraulic system the stronger the excavator will be, allowing for more efficient use in tougher jobs.

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