5 Benefits of a Mini Excavator

In an industry where versatility and efficiency are of high importance, the mini excavatorcan become an operator’s best friend. Since their introduction into the workforce, they have been utilised for a variety of projects, whether in a residential setting or on a medium sized project site. Mini excavators have high reliability and great performance, making them a staple among many construction businesses. They can also be utilised for a range of requirements while also reducing operating costs which is beneficial for the company and the person hiring.

Because the team here at Yellow Hire feel that mini excavators are an essential part of any construction business, we have complied a list of 5 reasons why mini excavators are beneficial below:

1. Onsite Access
2. Transportation
3. Operating Costs
4. Reduced Worksite Damage
5. Productivity & Agility

Onsite Access

Being such a small machine, mini excavators are able to access a wide variety of alleys and general onsite passages. Being able to operate in tight access points allows for a mini excavator to access points of the worksite other machinery just cannot reach. When compared to a standard excavator, mini excavators cause little issues deploying an excavator on-site and increases the productivity of your project.


Transportation of a mini excavator is an easy process compared to larger excavators. Since the mini excavator is way smaller than its counterpart, you can easily transport them on a trailer, thus eliminating the expensive costs of moving a larger excavator. You also get the added benefits of their size and agility. Mini excavators can also fit perfectly in a road truck for a truck & dog combination. The possibilities are endless!

Operating Costs

In an extremely cost-conscious building trade sector, mini excavators have become very popular. Mini excavators save a fair chunk of money when compared to larger excavators due to their overall working footprint. A lot of mini excavators are able to tackle the same projects that larger excavators can, but at a lower cost as larger excavators cost more to maintain.

Reduced Worksite Damage

When it comes to completing any worksite project, you want to cause the least amount of damage possible to the surrounding area. Mini excavators do just that as they are much lighter than their counterpart, allowing them to drive over soil and other material without destroying it, especially in wet weather. Due to their small operating footprint, this reduces effects to driveways as well as garden beds.

Productivity & Agility

One area where the mini excavator truly is head and shoulders above any larger excavator is when it comes to needing an agile, yet functional and productive machine. Mini excavators are very manoeuvrable on any construction site due to their size, but they also offer a wide attachment range allowing them to undertake various excavation projects that larger excavation just cannot attempt. Having a mini excavator that is agile and increases productivity is definitely a winner in everyone’s book.

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