What Are the Advantages of Diesel Generators?

When you are looking to hire a generator to power your worksite for your next project, you need to consider the various factors that can influence your decision. Some of these could be the type of project you are conducting, what the generator will be utilised for and how long you require the generator for.

There are a multitude of advantages to using a diesel generator on your project’s worksite, these including:

  • Long Electricity Time
  • Multiple Industry Uses
  • Cheap Maintenance and Running
  • Fuel Efficiency

Long Electricity Time

When you are looking to use a generator for a long period of time on your construction worksite, look no further than a diesel generator. Naturally, diesel fuel burns more efficiently than petrol fuel while also being able to produce the same amount of electricity for longer. For instance, two major industries that utilise diesel generators are construction sites and farming equipment. These industries require greater levels of power for a long period of time at a low cost, and diesel generators provide this need.

Multiple Industry Uses

When comparing where diesel generators are used and where petrol generators are used, diesel generators are more widely accepted in multiple industries. These industries include hospitals, offices, factories, events and much more. This is due to the diesel generators efficient fuel usage as well as being highly reliable if the main source of power suddenly switches off. In the case of the construction industry, having a constant flow of electricity to a worksite is imperative to the project’s completion.

Cheap Maintenance and Running

When comparing maintenance and overall running costs of a diesel generator to a petrol generator, these costs are much less. Petrol generators utilise spark plugs or carburettors and as a result, you’ll need to replace these components on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance. Diesel generators, on the other hand, don’t utilise these components, making the downtime and cost on the generator significantly less.

Fuel Efficient

Diesel fuel is widely regarded as a more efficient fuel source when compared to petrol. When you are requiring a generator for a long period of time and want to reduce fuel costs, hiring a diesel generator is ideal. When run at the same capacities, diesel generators far outlast petrol generators, making them a more practical option. In some cases, diesel generators consume up to half of what a petrol generator would use for the same time length.

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