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1,200 Litre Water Cart Trailer

Our 1,200 litre water cart is commonly used in agriculture, construction, and mining industries. The 1,200 litre tank is mounted on a trailer with a standard tow-ball hitch allowing it to be towed by a variety of vehicles for easy transport.

It is also equipped with a high-pressure water pump with a rear spray and dribble bars that can be used for irrigation, dust suppression, and fire control.

Model: WC1200




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Water Truck Rental from Yellow Hire

For dust suppression and other water supply requirements on any job, we have a range of water truck rental solutions for you. Our trucks range from 13,000 to 30,000 litre capacities.


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1,200 Litre Water Cart TrailerWater Cart TrailerWC12000.00 Kg
13,000 Litre Rigid Water TruckRigidIsuzu260-3009,000.00 Kg
18,000 Litre Rigid Water TruckRigidIsuzu300-35012,000.00 Kg
13,000 Litre Rigid Potable Water TruckRigid PotableIsuzu260-3009,000.00 Kg
23,000 Litre Articulated Water TruckOff Road ArticCAT72522,260.00 Kg
38,000 Litre Articulated Water TruckOff Road ArticCAT74023,649.90 Kg

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